Student Government

Established in 1902 (as the Students’ Association), Student Government serves as a recognized forum through which student opinion may be expressed at the University of Texas at Austin. All students enrolled at the University are constituents of Student Government; official actions of the organization are carried out by the Executive Board, the Assembly, and the Supreme Court.

Student Government provides input and presents initiatives to the University administration on matters related to student welfare. It helps facilitate responsible student participation in the university's policy and decision-making processes, enhances the quality and scope of the student experience at the university, and ensures responsible and effective participation in the organization with a focus on issues that impact students. Additionally, Student Government works to transparently and responsibly utilize student fees to promote student welfare, preserves the tradition of the University, and helps to provide university students with an educational experience for leadership development. Student Government nominates and appoints undergraduate and graduate students from the student body for various university-wide councils and committees when student body representation is requested or required.

Campus Wide Elections for president, vice president, and members of the Assembly are held each spring. Elections for the first-year student assembly members are held each fall.

More information about Student Government is available in the Student Government office located in suite 2.102 of the William C. Powers, Jr. Student Activity Center or at the Student Governance Organization website.