As the heart of the Dell Medical School and front door for the medical district, the Health Learning Building on The University of Texas at Austin campus is the primary home for students and faculty. The two other buildings in the initial phase of construction, the Health Discovery Building and the Health Transformation Building, were completed in the summer of 2017. These 21st-century facilities will anchor Austin's health district and form a laboratory for medical education, clinical care, research and health care redesign.

Dell Medical School is predicated upon collaboration - between health professionals, students, faculty and the community - and the Health Learning Building is designed to foster interaction. An open stairway from the first floor to the fifth spans the length of the building, encouraging physical activity facilitating chance meetings of students and faculty as they move between floors.

Learning spaces support the theme of cooperation with flexible configurations that can accommodate both small groups and large lectures, all incorporating the latest technology. As the primary home for students and faculty, the entire building was designed to foster interaction, with a café and ample indoor and outdoor seating, an open stairway, meeting rooms, comfortable seating, and study terraces.

Clinical learning sites will be primarily within Seton Healthcare Family clinical facilities, including the newly constructed hospital, Dell Seton Medical Center at The University of Texas.


In addition to our virtual medical library, students also have access to all of the resources of the University libraries, and our partner Seton Health Care's resources.