The University of Texas Law Alumni Association

Founded in 1939, The University of Texas Law Alumni Association’s primary purposes are to raise funds for the Law School and to strengthen the relationship between the School and its alumni. Specifically, the association is committed to the following tasks:

  • To advance the cause of legal education
  • To promote the interests of the School of Law ("Law School")
  • To maintain communication between alumni and the Law School
  • To educate alumni regarding Law School activities and development
  • To report or recommend to the Dean of the Law School or to the Trustees of the Law School Foundation matters of mutual interest deemed worthy of consideration
  • To foster a spirit of identity, fellowship, and goodwill among the Association's members

All former students make up the membership of the Association, which is managed under the direction of an Executive Committee. The Executive Committee oversees fundraising for annual giving programs, planning for the Law School’s annual reunion, and alumni recognition and outreach activities. Key committees coordinate the work of the Association.