Curriculum and Instruction

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Campus address: George I. Sánchez Building (SZB) 4.708, phone (512) 471-5942, fax (512) 471-8460; campus mail code: D5700

Mailing address: The University of Texas at Austin, Graduate Program, Department of Curriculum and Instruction, 1912 Speedway D5700, Austin TX 78712

E-mail: cigrad@austin.utexas.edu

URL: https://education.utexas.edu/departments/curriculum-instruction

Facilities for Graduate Work

The Perry-Castañeda Library offers an extensive collection of material on education, including the Curriculum and Textbook Collections. Students also have access to an array of electronic databases, journals, and books related to curriculum and instruction through the University Libraries website. The College of Education’s Information Technology Office includes a graphics laboratory, a media check-out, a computer help desk, and multiple computer laboratories. Other campus facilities, including the Sanger Learning Center, the University Writing Center and the laboratories and systems of Information Technology Services, are used extensively, and ongoing research and instructional activities are carried out in local schools.

Areas of Study

Graduate study is offered in the following areas of specialization: bilingual/bicultural education, cultural studies in education, early childhood education, learning technologies, language and literacy studies, physical education teacher education, and social studies education. Requirements for concentrations in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education are given elsewhere in this catalog.

Graduate Studies Committee

The following faculty members served on the Graduate Studies Committee (GSC) in the spring 2023 semester.

Patricia Abril-Gonzalez
Jennifer Keys Adair
Flavio S Azevedo
Doris Luft Baker
Anthony L Brown
Christopher P Brown
Keffrelyn D Brown
Darla Marie Castelli
Sylvia Celedon-Pattichis
Denise Davila
Noah De Lissovoy
Tracey Terece Flores
Kevin M Foster
Maria E Franquiz
Emma Gargroetzi
Carlos Nicolas Gomez Marchant
Maria Gonzalez-Howard
Xiaofen Deng Hamilton
Joan Hughes
Grace MyHyun Kim
Min Liu
Tia Madkins
Beth Maloch
Katherina A Payne
Catherine Riegle-Crumb
Loriene Roy
Cynthia S Salinas
Victor Sampson
Allison Skerrett
Luis Urrieta
Angela Valenzuela
Melissa R Wetzel
Cathery Yeh