Human Ecology


  1. Mathematics:
    1. Statistics and Data Sciences 302F
    2. Mathematics 408C, 408N, 408R, or Statistics and Data Sciences 324E
  2. Primary science: School of Human Ecology coursework, including:
    1. Public Health 317
    2. One of the following: Human Development and Family Sciences 304, 304H, 313 and 113L, or 313H and 113L
    3. Nutrition 306, 312, or 312H
    4. Textiles and Apparel 303 or 205 and 105L
    5. Fifteen semester hours of upper-division chosen from Human Development and Family Sciences, Human Ecology, Nutrition, Public Health, and Textiles and Apparel
  3. Secondary science:
    1. Chemistry 301 or CH 301H
    2. Biology 311C
    3. One of the following: Biology 311D, Chemistry 302, or CH 302H