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Campus address: College of Business Administration Building (CBA) 2.502, phone (512) 471-7698, fax (512) 471-4131; campus mail code: B6004

Mailing address: The University of Texas at Austin, Red McCombs School of Business, MBA Program Office, 1 University Station B6004, Austin TX 78712-0205

E-mail: texasmba@mccombs.utexas.edu

URL: www.mccombs.utexas.edu

Facilities for Graduate Work

Facilities for graduate study in business include state-of-the-art classrooms and seminar rooms, which are equipped with multimedia and computer terminal facilities. Computer classrooms, computer laboratories, a Financial Trading and Technology Center, and a behavioral science laboratory are also available. A variety of special collections and databases are available for research and study. In addition, there are extensive study and research facilities for individual and group projects.

Library holdings in business, economics, and related areas are unusually comprehensive; the University has several noteworthy collections, such as those on Latin America and Texas, that are of special interest to business students. Also available are personalized reference services, including library instruction classes, web-based subject and course guides, and an extensive array of online business and statistical databases; a tax collection; and a large selection of materials to aid in productive problem solving. These holdings are located in the Perry-Castañeda Library and are available through the University Libraries website.

Other facilities of interest, especially to students of international business, include the Center for International Business Education and Research, the Benson Latin American Collection, the Teresa Lozano Long Institute of Latin American Studies, the Center for Middle Eastern Studies, the Center for East Asian Studies, the South Asia Institute, and the Population Research Center. Additional opportunities for research are provided by the AIM Investment Center; the Center for Business, Technology, and Law; the Center for Customer Insight and Marketing Solutions; the Real Estate Finance and Investment Center; the Center for Research in Electronic Commerce; the EDS Financial Trading and Technology Center; the Hicks, Muse, Tate & Furst Center for Private Equity Finance; the Herb Kelleher Center for Entrepreneurship; the IC2 Institute; the Supply Chain Management Center of Excellence; the Center for Energy Finance Education and Research; the Center for Risk Management and Insurance; the Energy Management and Innovation Center; and the Jon Brumley Texas Venture Labs.

The McCombs School of Business has its own computer network that links the school’s laboratories and other computing resources. The network is also connected to the University’s computing infrastructure. All Master of Business Administration (MBA) students are required to own a laptop computer.

The MBA Program Office provides information, academic advising, and student services to MBA students; contact information is given on the top of this page.

Areas of Study

Graduate study is offered in the following areas: accounting; business, government, and society; finance; information, risk, and operations management; management; marketing; and technology commercialization. Students in the full-time program may concentrate their coursework in one of these areas by choosing from among 22 available tracks of elective coursework.  The track selected by a student determines whether their degree program is Business Administration, Business Administration-Management Science and Quantitative Methods or Business Administration-Financial Mathematics. The latter of these programs are classified as STEM Designated Degree Programs by the Department of Homeland Security for the purposes of the 24-month STEM optional practical training extension.

Graduate Studies Committee

The following faculty members served on the Graduate Studies Committee (GSC) in the spring 2024 semester.

Ashish Agarwal
Andres Almazan
Aydogan Alti
Edward G Anderson Jr
Rowland Atiase
Uttarayan Bagchi
Anantaram Balakrishnan
Caroline A Bartel
Anitesh Barua
Patrick L Brockett
Susan M Broniarczyk
Keith C Brown
Ethan R Burris
Johnny S Butler
Carlos Marinho Carvalho
Deepayan Chakrabarti
Eric Chan
Shuping Chen
Michael B Clement
Jonathan B Cohn
William H Cunningham
John A Daly
Paul Damien
Jason A Duan
Janet M Dukerich
James S Dyer
Cesare Fracassi
Robert N Freeman
Rajiv Garg
Kishore Gawande
Andrew D Gershoff
Stephen M Gilbert
Linda L Golden
Michael H Granof
John M Griffin
Genaro J Gutierrez
Warren J Hahn
David A Harrison
Jay C Hartzell
John William Hatfield
Andrew D Henderson
Ty Thomas Henderson
D E Hirst
Wayne D Hoyer
Sirkka L Jarvenpaa
Ross G Jennings
Travis Lake Johnson
Steven J Kachelmeier
Prabhudev C Konana
Lisa L Koonce
Samuel Arthur Kruger
Guoming Lai
Volker Laux
Stephen T Limberg
James Richard Lowery Jr
Vijay Mahajan
Luis D l Martins
Leigh M McAlister
John M McInnis
Lillian Fawn Mills
Douglas J Morrice
Paula C Murray
Kumar Muthuraman
Robert Parrino
Shefali V Patil
Robert A Peterson
Francisco Polidoro Jr
Robert A Prentice
Rajagopal Raghunathan
Ramkumar Ranganathan
Raghunath S Rao
Ramesh K Rao
Ehud I Ronn
Maytal Saar-Tsechansky
Thomas W Sager
Jaime Joy Schmidt
Thomas S Shively
Clemens Sialm
Michael Sockin
Garrett P Sonnier
David B Spence
Rajashri Srinivasan
Laura T Starks
Huseyin Tanriverdi
Sheridan Titman
Puay khoon Toh
Efstathios Tompaidis
Adrian F Ward
Wen Wen
Timothy Daniel Werner
Andrew B Whinston
Braden Mern Williams
Sinead Williamson
Mindy Xiaolan
Yong Yu
Thaleia Zariphopoulou
Mingyuan Zhou

Admission Requirements

Several scheduling options are available to students seeking the MBA: full-time, executive, and evening programs in Austin; alternating weekend programs in Dallas and Houston.

Admission decisions for all programs are based on the applicant’s academic and professional background, letters of recommendation, and other factors such as a pre-recorded or live interview.

With the following exceptions, all applicants must submit a valid score from the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT), Executive Assessment (EA) or the Graduate Records Examination General Exam (GRE).

The admissions committee may consider waiving the GMAT/GRE/EA requirement for MBA programs when one of the following conditions is met:

  1. an expired GMAT, GRE, or EA score, or
  2. a general merit-based test waiver is approved prior to application submission.

TOEFL or IELTS scores are required of all applicants who are not United States citizens or permanent residents and who do not meet one of the following waiver criteria:

  1. You have lived and worked full-time in the U.S. or in a country where English is the only official language for at least two of the past four years, or
  2. You hold a master's  degree from a college or university located in the U.S. or from a country where English  is the only official language, or
  3. You were educated solely in English for your undergraduate and/or prior graduate degree in a country where English is not the only official language.

Upon admission to the program, students must pay a nonrefundable enrollment deposit to indicate that they accept the offer of admission. The deposit is applied to the payment of tuition when the student enrolls. The deposit is also required of students admitted to the dual degree programs. More information about the admission process for each program is published by the McCombs School of Business online.