Exchange Students

A graduate student who is admitted to the University through a reciprocal exchange program is classified as a nondegree student. An exchange student may not register for more than two fall/spring terms and one summer term. The transferability of academic credit to the student’s home institution is determined by the home institution.

An exchange student who wishes to take a graduate course must obtain the approval of the instructor and of the graduate advisor for the program that offers the course, must meet all course prerequisites, and must meet any other requirements affecting nondegree students. The rules that apply to nondegree students are given in General Information.

An exchange student may later apply for admission to the University as a degree-seeking graduate student. To do so, the student must submit the usual test scores, application fee, and other required material by the appropriate deadline, as described in “Applying for Admission” on the Admission page. If the applicant is admitted, the Graduate Studies Committee may seek the graduate dean’s approval to include on the Program of Work for the master’s degree up to six hours of graduate coursework that the student completed as a nondegree exchange student. All requirements related to courses that may be counted toward graduate degrees apply, including rules concerning courses counted toward another degree.