Stackable Certificate Programs, Curriculum and Instruction

Curriculum and Instruction: Learning, Action, Equity, and Design (LEAD)

The Curriculum and Instruction: Learning, Equity, Action & Design (LEAD) stackable graduate certificate is designed primarily for K-12 educators or other related practitioners who seek to advance their technology integration and digital equity design skills for curricular and instructional work with K-12 learners. The program builds technology leaders committed to digital equity and justice. The program requires completion of four graduate-level courses (12 semester credit hours) and is available to degree-seeking and non-degree-seeking students. All courses required for program completion are learner-centered and project-based, offered in asynchronous online formats, with negotiated scheduling for synchronous work.

EDC 395TLearning Technologies (Topic 2: Humanizing Pedagogy and Technology Integration)3
EDC 395TLearning Technologies (Topic 3: Humanizing Pedagogy and Online Teaching for K-12 Education)3
EDC 395TLearning Technologies (Topic 4: Technology Designs for Digital Justice)3
EDC 395TLearning Technologies (Topic 5: Technology Innovation for Digital Justice)3
Total Hours12