Bachelor of Science in Communication and Leadership

To be awarded the degree of Bachelor of Science in Communication and Leadership, the candidate must complete 120 semester hours of coursework and must fulfill the University's General Requirements for graduation, the Core Curriculum requirements, the college graduation requirements, the requirements and policies listed in Academic Policies and Procedures, and the requirements given in Degree Requirements Common to All Moody Majors, Major Requirements, and Special Requirements of the Major, below.

A candidate for a degree must have an officially declared major in the Moody College of Communication at the time the degree is awarded.

Core Curriculum

All students must complete the University’s Core Curriculum. In some cases, a course required for the Bachelor of Science in Communication and Leadership may also be counted toward the core curriculum.

Degree Requirements Common to All Moody Majors

  1. Six semester hours of coursework focusing on communication foundations: Communication 301E and 302E.
  2. Three courses with a writing flag; one course with a quantitative reasoning flag; one course with a global cultures flag; one course with a cultural diversity in the United States flag; one course with an ethics flag; and one course with an independent inquiry flag. The same course cannot be used to satisfy the global cultures and cultural diversity flags even if the course carries both flags. Courses that fulfill flag requirements are identified in the Course Schedule. They may also be used to fulfill other degree requirements.
  3. Students must satisfy a language and culture requirement in one of the following ways: (a) Demonstrating intermediate proficiency in a single language other than English; (b) Demonstrating beginning-level proficiency in a language other than English and taking one approved culture course in a culture that is relevant to the language. A list of approved culture and language courses and combinations is posted on the Student Advising website. An extensive language testing program is available at the University. Students with knowledge of a language other than English are encouraged to take appropriate tests both to earn as much credit as possible and to be placed at the proper level for further study. Students should consult with an academic advisor for information on testing.
  4. Enough additional coursework to make a total of 120 semester hours.  

Major Requirements

The major requires 36 hours of coursework across three designated areas, of which at least 15 hours must be upper-division. Courses that are in multiple lists may only be counted once unless topics vary. Students must earn a C- or better (or CR for courses offered only on a pass/fail basis) in all courses counting toward major requirements:

  1. Communication and Leadership 301
  2. Communication and Leadership 321
  3. Communication and Leadership 351
  4. Communication and Leadership 371
  5. Three additional hours of coursework in communication and leadership
  6. Twelve semester hours in Communication Fundamentals and Skills, chosen from the following:
    1. Advertising 305305S316, 320324332334339L, 353373378S (Topic 11); Communication 340Communication and Leadership 320 (any topic), 324332340345 (any topic); Communication Studies 306M, 310K, 313M, 315M, 316L, 320, 321D, 322E, 330P332332K333, 334K335, 337, 338340K341345G352D353C353S354355K, 364K, 371K372K; Journalism 301F331M, 336F, 348NPublic Relations 305; Radio-Television-Film 301D.
  7. Nine semester hours in Social Issues, chosen from the following:
    1. Advertising 314320324, 336; African and African Diaspora Studies 303310K310L330350, 360, 360D360I; Education 327Business, Government, and Society 375Communication 307340Communication and Leadership 320 (any topic), 324332340 (any topic), 365 (any topic); Communication Studies 314L, 338L340K, 356C362D362E363C363P, 367; Educational Psychology 350LGovernment 320N365W; Health Education 365366Health and Society 340 (Topic 5), 341History 317L (Topic 9), 317L (Topic 18), 356P, 365G (Topic 8); Journalism 305308F 313P315R341F341J346G348D348N351F356RLatin American Studies 315 (Topic 3); Nursing 309, 321Philosophy 304325M342RPsychology 306; Public Health 317Radio-Television-Film 323C328C335 (Topic 2), 335 (Topic 4), 359S (Topic 5), 359S (Topic 9), 359S (Topic 15), 365 (Topic 13), 365 (Topic 15); Social Work 310, 325Sociology 302307K307L307T308S309C, 319321G321K322F322U335R336D343345D352369KSpeech, Language, and Hearing Sciences 314LWomen's and Gender Studies 322C335 (Topic 1), 345 (Topic 2).

Special Requirements of the Major

A student may not earn both the Bachelor of Science in Communication and Leadership and the Bachelor of Science in Communication Studies.