The University Unions

The University Unions serve to enrich campus life, complement the academic mission, and be vital to the student experience, as well as provide related goods and services to the campus community.

The University Unions have two primary Union facilities, the Texas Union and the William C. Powers, Jr. Student Activity Center, and several additional managed spaces that serve as community centers for The University of Texas at Austin. All of our facilities offer space for studying, programming, informal gathering, and items for purchase in stores, including a wide variety of food and beverage services. In addition, there are outdoor gathering spaces, patios, and mobile food truck locations for the campus community.

Campus Events + Entertainment offers programs for intellectual, cultural, social, and recreational development. Events + Entertainment is chartered by University Unions to organize and present a program of activities and events for the University student body in areas of general interest. Through these opportunities, students can strengthen their leadership experience, self-expression, and management skills.

The University Unions Board of Directors recommends policy for the University Unions. The voting membership of the board includes six students and three faculty members. The executive director of the University Unions and an appointee of the vice president for student affairs, serve as ex officio members without vote.