Degrees and Programs

Degrees Offered

The LBJ School of Public Affairs offers the Bachelor of Arts in Public Affairs (BAPubAff) with a major in public affairs. Other degree programs include a Master of Public Affairs (MPAff), a Master of Global Policy Studies (MGPS), a PhD in Public Policy, and an Executive Master of Public Leadership (EMPL). 

Applicability of Certain Courses 

Physical Activity Courses 

Physical activity (PED) courses are offered by the Department of Kinesiology and Health Education. Up to three semester hours of physical activity coursework may be counted as electives toward any School of Information degree. All physical activity courses are counted among courses for which the student is enrolled, and the grades are included in the grade point average. 

ROTC Courses 

The Departments of Air Force Science, Military Science, and Naval Science maintain ROTC units on campus. Information about each program is available from the chair of the department concerned. 

Twelve semester hours of coursework in air force science, military science, or naval science may be counted toward any degree in the LBJ School of Public Affairs. Such credit may be used only as electives or to fulfill the writing requirement, and only by students who are commissioned by the University ROTC program. 

Courses Taken on the Pass/Fail Basis 

No more than 12 semester hours taken on the pass/fail basis may be counted toward LBJ School of Public Affairs degrees. In general, courses taken on the pass/fail basis will count as general electives. Coursework required for major requirements cannot be taken pass/fail. Complete rules on registration on the pass/fail basis are given in the General Information Catalog

Correspondence and Extension Courses 

Credit that a University student in residence earns simultaneously by correspondence or extension from the University or elsewhere or in residence at another school will not be counted toward a degree in the LBJ School of Public Affairs unless specifically approved in advance by the dean. For additional information about correspondence work by resident students, see the General Information Catalog.  

In the semester they plan to graduate, students may not take any course to be counted toward the degree at another institution or through University Extension; students who plan to graduate at the end of the summer semester may request approval to take transfer work only in the first summer term. 

Bible Courses 

Bible courses may be counted as lower-division electives in LBJ School of Public Affairs degree programs that have room for such electives. No more than 12 semester hours of such work may be counted toward any degree offered by the University.