Preparation for Law

There is no sequential arrangement of courses prescribed for a pre-law program, nor is any particular major specified. For answers to specific questions about a pre-law program, the student should consult the pre-law adviser in his or her major department. Currently enrolled students of any major can see the pre-law adviser in the College of Liberal Arts in the Liberal Arts Career Services (LACS), Peter T. Flawn Academic Center 18. Services provided by the pre-law adviser include the annual fall law fair, information on how to research law schools, and assistance with the application procedure, including the personal statement and resume review. Additional information about preparation for law is available at

Information about admission to The University of Texas at Austin School of Law is given in General Information and in the Law School Catalog. Like most professional schools, the University’s law school has a number of specific requirements and limitations. For example, the applicant must have completed a bachelor’s degree. Each applicant for admission must take the Law School Admission Test, administered by the Law School Admission Council. This is usually taken by December of the senior year. The applicant’s test score and undergraduate academic performance are important in determining eligibility for admission to law school; but all law schools consider a variety of factors in their admission policies, and no single factor by itself will guarantee admission or denial.