1. Chemistry 301 or CH 301H
  2. Chemistry 302 or CH 302H
  3. Chemistry 204 or 317
  4. One of the following sequences:
    a. Chemistry 220C, 320M, 320N; or
    b. Chemistry 128K, 128L, 328M, and 328N
  5. Chemistry 353
  6. Chemistry 153K
  7. Chemistry 354 or 354L
  8. Chemistry 154K
  9. Chemistry 456
  10. Chemistry 376K

Additional Coursework

  1. Mathematics 408C and 408D, or Mathematics 408N, 408S, and 408M
  2. Eight semester hours of physics chosen from one of the following sequences:
    1. Physics 303K, 103M, 303L, and 103N
    2. Physics 301, 101L, 316, and 116L
    3. Physics 317K, 117M, 317L, and 117N
  3. Completion of one of the following sequences:
    1. Twelve semester hours of majors-level coursework in biology, mathematics, or physics. Mathematics in requirement one or physics in requirement two may count toward the 12-hour total
    2. Computer Science 303E, 313E, and six hours chosen from Computer Science 323E, 324E, 326E, 327E, and 329E. Students choosing this option may simultaneously fulfill some of the requirements of the Elements of Computing Certificate
    3. With written consent of the department chair and approval of the dean, 12 semester hours in a field of study outside the College of Natural Sciences

Students must earn a grade of at least C- in each mathematics and science course required for the degree, and a grade point average in these courses of at least 2.00.