Bachelor of Business Administration

BBA Degree Requirements

  1. A grade point average of at least 2.00 is required on all work undertaken at the University for which a grade or symbol other than Q, W, X, or CR is recorded. In addition, a grade point average of at least 2.00 in business courses is required. For more information about grade requirements and restrictions on repetition of courses, please see Academic Policies and Procedures.

  2. A candidate for the BBA degree must be enrolled in the McCombs School in the semester or summer session in which the degree is awarded.

  3. Each student is expected to complete the courses required for his or her major and to meet the curriculum requirements described in items 4 through 7 below in the year specified.

  4. During their freshman and sophomore years, students are expected to complete the University’s Core Curriculum requirements.

  5. Students are expected to complete the following BBA degree requirements during the freshman year:

    1. Mathematics 408Q  (may fulfill the quantitative reasoning flag); 408R will also be accepted when taken in residence at The University of Texas at Austin only. For the CSB major and the Science and Technology Management major, 408C (may fulfill the quantitative reasoning flag) and 408D are required.  This coursework may also be used to fulfill the mathematics requirement of the core curriculum.  Any successfully completed two-course calculus sequence will also be accepted.

    2. Economics 304K  and 304L. Economics 304K may also be used to fulfill the social and behavioral sciences requirement of the Core Curriculum.

    3. Management Information Systems 301,  a business core course.

    4. Three semester hours of coursework in anthropology, psychology, educational psychology, or sociology, chosen from approved courses; courses dealing primarily with statistics or data processing may not be used to fulfill this requirement. Social Science 302C, 302D, 302E, 302F (for Plan II dual majors only), are also accepted.

    5. Business Administration 101H , 101S, or 101T; and Management 101H, 101S, or 101T. Entering freshmen take Business Administration 101S and Management 101S, entering transfer students take Business Administration 101T  and Management 101T , and entering business honors students take Business Administration 101H  and Management 101H . Because each course is offered only once a year, failure to take the course in the proper semester will prevent the student from declaring a major and progressing toward the degree.

  6. In addition to the courses above, students must complete the following business core courses by the end of their sophomore year:

    1. Accounting 311 and 312  (both courses may fulfill the quantitative reasoning flag)

    2. Statistics 301  (may fulfill the quantitative reasoning flag)

    3. Business Administration 324 or Communication 324M (may fulfill the writing flag)

    4. Operations Management 235 or 334M

    5. Decision Science 235

    6. Statistics 235

  7. Fifteen semester hours beyond the first two years are specified as follows:

    1. Business core courses:

      1. Legal Environment of Business 323  (may fulfill the ethics flag)

      2. Finance 357

      3. Marketing 337 or Marketing 337N

      4. Management 336  (may fulfill the ethics flag) 

    2. A professional, business-related experiential learning course chosen from the following: Accounting 366P, Business Administration 353, 653, 366P, Finance 366P, Management 347P, 366P, 367P, 369P, Management Information Systems 366P, Marketing 366P, Operations Management 366P; only one of the following courses may be counted toward the degree: Business Administration 353 and Business Administration 653.

  8. The following requirements apply in addition to those in items 4 through 7 above:

    1. Additional coursework to earn a total of at least six semester hours at the upper-division level outside the McCombs School of Business. Students should consult the requirements of their major department for information about additional coursework to be taken outside the school.

    2. Completion of the requirements of one of the BBA majors listed in the Undergraduate Catalog. At least 24 semester hours in business must be completed in residence on the letter-grade basis at the University, of which at least 12 semester hours must be in upper-division coursework in the student's major. For additional in residence requirements, see the University's minimum General Requirements for graduation given in The University section. Please also see footnote below.

Proficiency in a foreign language equivalent to one year competency is required. This requirement may be fulfilled either by completion of the two high school units in a single foreign language that are required for admission to the University as a freshman or by the demonstration of proficiency at the second-semester level. Credit earned at the college level to achieve the proficiency may be taken on the pass/fail basis, and the credit may count towards the degree. Due to the variety in the way language classes are taught at the University, students should consult their academic advisor.

The following are the courses that may be counted towards the residence requirement for each major:

Accounting (BBA)ACC 326, ACC 327, ACC 329, ACC 362, and ACC 364.
*Accounting (Integrated BBA/MPA)ACC 151, ACC 152, ACC 355, ACC 356, ACC 358C, and ACC 359.
Business Honors ProgramB A 324H or COM 324H, D S 235H, FIN 357H, LEB 323H, MAN 336H, MAN 327H, MAN 374H, MKT 337H, O M 235H, STA 301H, and STA 235H.
FinanceACC 326, FIN 357, FIN 367, FIN 370, and the 12 additional semester hours required for the student's track.
International BusinessI B 350 or I B 350S, I B 378, and nine additional semester hours in requirement 4 of the major.
Management (General Management Track)MAN 336, MAN 374, and 12 additional semester hours required for the general management track in requirement 3 of the major.
Management (Consulting and Change Management Track)MAN 328, MAN 336, MAN 374, MAN 337 (Topic 7: People Analytics), and six additional semester hours required for the consulting & change management track in requirement 5 of the major.
Management (Entrepreneurship Track)MAN 336, MAN 327, MAN 327E, MAN 374, and six additional semester hours required for the entrepreneurship track in requirements 5 and 6 of the major.
Management Information SystemsMIS 304, MIS 325, MIS 333K, MIS 374, MIS 375, and six additional semester hours in requirement 3 of the major.
MarketingMKT 337, MKT 360, MKT 370, and 12 additional semester hours in requirement 3 of the major.
Science and Technology Management O M 235 or O M 334M, O M 337 (Topic 5: Project Management), MAN 374 or MIS 375, and nine additional semester hours required for the student's business block.
Supply Chain ManagementO M 235 or O M 334M, O M 337 (Topic 3: Procurement and Supplier Management), O M 338, O M 367, O M 368, and six additional semester hours in requirement 3 of the major.

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