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B A 101T B A 101T. Professional Development and Career Planning. 1 Hour.

Restricted to transfer students in the McCombs School of Business. Discussion of issues surrounding career planning, implementation, and evaluation. One-and-one-half lecture hours a week for one semester. Only one of the following may be counted: Business Administration 101H, 101S, 101T. Offered on the letter-grade basis only.

Minor and Certificate Programs


...achieving a minor, including a...101H / 101S / 101T ; Statistics 235...professional environment; b) develop resources...



...or 101T ; Economics 304K and 304L with a...described in requirement 7.b of the BBA...

Degrees and Programs


...Business Honors Program B A 324H or COM...or 101T ; and Management 101H , 101S or 101T...