1. Mathematics:
    1. Mathematics 408C, or 408N or 408R and 408S
    2. Statistics and Data Sciences 320E
  2. Primary science:
    1. Biology 206L and one of the following sequences:
      1.  Biology 311C, 311D325 
      2.  Biology 315H and 325H
    2. Neuroscience 330
    3. Neuroscience 335
    4. Neuroscience 340
    5. Twelve additional semester hours of neuroscience, chosen from: Biology 353S359K367CNeuroscience 170C, 270C337, 365D, 365L, 365N, 365P365T, 365V 365W, 366C, 366D, 366E, 366L, 366N, 366P, 366S, 367F, 367S367V, 367W, 371M, 377, 379H466G, and 466M. The research topic in Neuroscience 379H must relate to neuroscience and be approved in advance by the faculty advisor.
  3. Secondary science:
    1. Chemistry 301 or 301C, 302 or 302C, and 204
    2. One of the following physics sequences:
      1. Physics 317K, 105M, 317L, 105N
      2. Physics 303K, 105M, 303L, 105N
      3. Physics 301, 101L, 316, 116L

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