All economics majors must earn grades of at least C- in Mathematics 408K and 408L. The following combinations of courses alternatively satisfy the math requirement, with a grade of at least a C- in each course:  Mathematics 408C and 408D, Mathematics 408N and 408S, Mathematics 408K and 408S, Mathematics 408C and 408L, Mathematics 408C and 408S, or Mathematics 408N and 408L.  Mathematics 403K and 403L (and transfer equivalents) may not be substituted for the required mathematics courses.


At least 31 semester hours of economics, consisting of Economics 304K, 304L, 420K, 320L, 329441K, and 12 additional hours of upper-division coursework. At least six of the additional semester hours of upper-division coursework must be in courses for which a grade of at least C- in Economics 420K is a prerequisite. Economics 420K, 320L, 329, and 441K must be completed in residence. Economics majors must take Economics 420K at least two semesters prior to completion of the degree. All economics majors must earn a grade of at least C- in each course counted toward fulfillment of the major requirements, except Economics 329, in which a grade of at least C is required.  Economics 329 with a grade of at least C is a prerequisite for Economics 420K. A minimum grade point average of at least 2.00 in all courses taken at the University and counted toward the major is also required.

No student may register for more than 11 semester hours of economics in any one semester without approval of an undergraduate advisor in the Department of Economics.