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ECO 420K ECO 420K. Microeconomic Theory. 4 Hours.

Economic theory of the behavior of individuals, households, firms, and markets. Roles of relative prices and information, with a focus on constrained optimization. Four lecture hours a week for one semester. Only one of the following may be counted: Finance 321K, Economics 420K, 420S, 421K. Prerequisite: Economics 304K and 304L with a grade of at least a C- in each; Mathematics 408Q, or Mathematics 408K and 408L, or 408C and 408D, or 408C and 408L, or 408N and 408S, or 408K and 408S, or 408C and 408S, or 408L and 408R, or 408R and 408S, or 408L and 408N, with a grade of at least C- in each; Economics 329 or Biomedical Engineering 335 or Chemical Engineering 253K or Electrical Engineering 351K or Mathematics 358K or 378K or Mechanical Engineering 335 or Statistics and Data Sciences 378 with a grade of at least C.

Bachelor of Science in Economics



The Bachelor of Science in Economics is an alternative to the Bachelor of Arts, designed to include a more extensive natural science curriculum that better prepares students for employment in technical and research jobs, and for graduate study in economics and related disciplines.  Students interested in areas of economics that heavily utilize mathematics, statistics, data science, and computation have the opportunity to develop breadth and depth in fields that complement their areas of interest within economics.  To accomplish this goal, the curriculum for the Bachelor of Science in Economics incorporates substantial emphasis on mathematics, statistics, and computer science courses.




All economics majors must earn a grade of at least C- in  Mathematics 408Q or grades of at least C- in  Mathematics 408K and 408L . The following combinations of courses alternatively satisfy the math requirement, with a grade of at least a C- in each course:  Mathematics 408C and 408D , Mathematics 408N  and 408S , Mathematics 408K  and 408S , Mathematics 408C  and 408L , Mathematics 408C  and 408S , or  Mathematics 408R and 408L ,or  Mathematics 408R and  408S , or  Mathematics 408N  and 408L .   Mathematics 403K and 403L (and transfer equivalents) may not be substituted for required mathematics courses.  Mathematics 408Q and Mathematics 408R must be taken in residence at The University of Texas at Austin. A student may not earn both the Bachelor of Arts with a major in Economics and the Bachelor of Science in Economics.