Minor and Certificate Programs


The transcript-recognized undergraduate academic minor must be completed in conjunction with an undergraduate degree at The University of Texas at Austin. For more information regarding the requirements for achieving a minor, including a comprehensive list of minors, please visit the Minors and Certificate Programs section of the Undergraduate Catalog.

Informatics Minor

Fifteen semester credit hours composed of:

I 301Introduction to Informatics (Introduction to Informatics)3
Six upper-division credit hours in Informatics6
Six additional credit hours in Informatics6

Courses presented for the minor must have grades of at least C-.


A student may not earn any transcript-recognized certificate in the same field as his or her major, and at least one certificate course must be outside the requirements of the major. However, certificate courses outside the major may be counted toward other degree requirements.

Students admitted to transcript-recognized certificates must contact their academic advisors to have approved certificates added to their degree audit profiles.  This allows progress toward the credential to be tracked and ensures that certificates are added to official transcripts upon graduation, if all requirements are met.

To see a full list of certificates offered at the University, please see Minor and Certificate Programs section of the Undergraduate Catalog.

Digital Humanities Certificate

The Digital Humanities Certificate is sponsored by the College of Liberal Arts and the School of Information; it is administered by the College of Liberal Arts. Information regarding the specific requirements of the minor can be found in the College of Liberal Arts' Minor and Certificate Programs section of the Undergraduate Catalog.