Interdisciplinary Opportunities

Several of the majors listed in the section “Degree Programs” are interdisciplinary in nature. The Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering, for example, is offered by the Cockrell School of Engineering but involves substantial coursework in the life and physical sciences; in the various area studies programs in the College of Liberal Arts, such as Latin American studies and Middle Eastern studies, students examine a geographic area from the viewpoints of several traditional disciplines.

In addition to interdisciplinary majors, the simultaneous major option, and the formal dual degree programs described later in this catalog, the University provides various ways for students to add breadth and diversity to their studies. These include the minor and transcript-recognized certificate programs; other concentrations, not reflected on the graduate’s transcript, are described in the later chapters of this catalog. The Education Abroad program, described in General Information, allows students to consider their own field from the unique viewpoint of another culture. The Bridging Disciplines Programs and other initiatives of the School of Undergraduate Studies help students traverse the traditional boundaries between colleges and disciplines.

Cross-disciplinary initiatives of the colleges and schools are often described on their websites, which may be reached via http://www.utexas.edu/academics/areas-of-study.