Physics 301, 101L, 316, 116L, 315, 115L, 355, and at least 15 semester hours of upper-division coursework in physics, including Physics 336K, 352K, and 353L

Additional Coursework

Completion of the following:

  1. Chemistry 301 or 301H, 302 or 302H, and 204
  2. One of the following courses containing differential equations: Mathematics 427K, 427J, and 372K.
  3. Nine additional hours of mathematics, including three upper-division hours
  4. Six hours of majors-level coursework, including three upper-division hours in one of the following: biology, chemistry, philosophy, psychology; or in courses offered in the College of Education or the Cockrell School of Engineering; courses used to fulfill specific degree requirements other than flag requirements may not also be used to fulfill this requirement.

Students must earn a grade of at least C- in each mathematics and science course required for the degree, and a University grade point average in these courses of at least 2.00.