Hogg Foundation for Mental Health

The Hogg Foundation for Mental Health envisions a future in which the people of Texas thrive in communities that support mental health and well-beingHealth is not solely an individual responsibility, but is also a product of community conditions. Working collaboratively, we can change the patterns of mental illness across Texas, especially for marginalized populations. 

In recognition of the systemic and structural nature of barriers to mental health, the foundation addresses challenges through a variety of approaches, including grantmaking, convening, research and public policy. Additionally, the foundation offers graduate-level scholarships and fellowships to encourage and support research and study in the field of mental health.

The foundation was established in 1940 by the children of Governor James Hogg. The original $2.5 million endowment came from the estate of Will C. Hogg, the eldest of the Hogg children. Upon his death, his sister Ima and his brother Mike established the foundation in his memory at The University of Texas at Austin. Ima, who is known fondly as the mother of the foundation, imagined a future in which people with mental health challenges would be treated with respect and dignity, and mental health would be seen as indivisible from all other aspects of a flourishing and healthy life.

The foundation is part of the Division of Campus and Community Engagement at The University of Texas at Austin and is located three miles west of the main campus at 3001 Lake Austin Boulevard. 

Learn more at hogg.utexas.edu. Check the website frequently for updates and changes to programs and activities.