Stackable Certificate Programs, Urban Design

Stackable graduate certificates are available to degree-seeking and non-degree-seeking graduate students. Some stackable certificates may be awarded following completion of program requirements, while others require simultaneous awarding of the graduate certificate and a graduate degree.

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Urban Design: Housing and Urbanism

The stackable graduate certificate in Urban Design: Housing and Urbanism provides a framework for the investigation of the issues that impact the construction of the urban environment and their resultant effect on the human condition in cities. The program requires completion of nine semester credit hours of coursework and is available to degree-seeking students.

U D 388Urban Design History, Theory, and Criticism3
Six hours from the following:6
Topics in Urban Geography (Topic 2: The Healthy, Livable City)
Topics in Urban Geography (Topic 3: Smart, Green, and Just)
Topics in Urban Housing (Topic 1: Housing Practice and Policy in Latin America)
Topics in Urban Housing (Topic 2: Urban Housing: Typology and Invention)
Topics in Urban Housing (Topic 3: Affordable Housing Planning and Policy)
Topics in Community and Regional Planning (Topic 1: Race and the Built Environment)
Topics in Community and Regional Planning (Topic 2: Design and Informal City)
Topics in Historic Preservation (Topic 1: History of American City Building)
Total Hours9