Jewish Studies


Twenty-seven semester hours of coursework in Jewish studies, including 18 hours in-residence, Jewish Studies 304M or 304N, at least three additional hours of lower-division coursework, and 18 hours of upper-division coursework. Students must complete each of the following areas:

  1. Humanities and arts: six hours of Jewish Studies 363 
  1. History and social science: six hours of Jewish Studies 364, or six hours of Jewish Studies 365, or three hours of each.
  2. Nine additional hours of Jewish studies coursework are required, six of them upper-division. These hours can include: 
    1. Liberal Arts 320J, Jewish Studies Internship, or the nine hours required for the Option in Israel Studies (OIS), see below. Students are encouraged but not required to use Hebrew or Yiddish to fulfill the foreign language requirement.  
    2. Jewish studies majors can earn an Option in Israel Studies. To earn the OIS, students must complete six semester credit hours of upper-division coursework focused on Israel (these courses may also count toward the Jewish Studies major) and three semester credit hours content course in Middle Eastern studies not in Israel, chosen from approved lists.  

Students in the OIS are encouraged but not required to use Hebrew or Arabic to fulfill the foreign language requirement.