Health and Society


Thirty semester credit hours, including at least 15 hour of upper-division coursework, consisting of:

  1. Health and Society 301, Introduction to Health and Society
  2. Three semester hours in each of the following: 
    1. Biology: three semester hours in Biology 311C, Introductory Biology I
    2. Social/behavioral epidemiology: three semester hours in Health Education 343, Foundations of Epidemiology
    3. Methods and statistics: three semester hours, chosen from an approved list
    4. Social justice and health: three semester hours, chosen from an approved list
  3. Nine semester hours, chosen from an approved list, in one of the following tracks: 
    1. Health and behavior
    2. Cultural aspects of health
    3. Health care and the economy
    4. Population health
  4. Three additional semester hours, chosen from any course offered from any of the tracks listed above. 
  5. Health and Society 378, Seminar in Health and Society; or, for students seeking special honors, Health and Society 679HA and 679HB, Honors Tutorial Course