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S W 325 S W 325. Foundations of Social Justice. 3 Hours.

Restricted to social work majors. Explore how membership in vulnerable population groups influences an individual's life experiences, world view, and increases risk factors for exposure to discrimination, economic deprivation, and oppression. Apply social justice approaches to influence assessment, planning, access to resources, intervention, and research. Critically analyze distributive justice, human and civil rights, and global interconnections of oppression. Examine the impact of discrimination and oppression by individuals and society on people of culturally diverse backgrounds and orientations. Three lecture hours a week for one semester.

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...least 2.00. S W 310 Introduction to...312 , 313 , 318 , and 325 . The applicant must...

Bachelor of Business Administration



...than Q, W, X, or...the University's Core Curriculum...304 , MIS 325 , MIS 333K...

Bachelor of Science in Psychology



...the University's Core Curriculum...than Q, W, X, or...311D , and 325 Chemistry 301...