Degree Requirements, Sociology

Graduate handbook information is updated and maintained by each program. Graduate handbooks are available within each program's office and online at https://utexas.box.com/v/UTAustinGraduateHandbooks. Please contact the program with concerns or questions.

Master of Arts

Students typically earn the Master of Arts in the course of work leading to a doctoral degree, rather than as an end in itself. The master’s degree requires 30 semester hours of graduate work, including six hours in the thesis course. The coursework must include: two courses in social statistics, one in research methods, two in theory and three sociology elective courses. The degree program usually takes two years. Students often enter the graduate program with a master’s degree from another institution. Such students must take the required courses at the University or transfer credit for them as described in Degree Requirements.

Doctor of Philosophy

The doctoral program requires at least 42 semester hours of graduate coursework, including two dissertation courses. The coursework requirements include the 24 semester hours of work required for the master’s degree and a variety of methodological and substantive courses in sociology. Specific course requirements may vary depending on the demography or the non-demography program of work. Additional information is available from the department.

To be admitted to candidacy for the doctoral degree, the student must have completed all master’s degree requirements and the doctoral course requirements, must pass a comprehensive examination in an area of specialization, and must defend a dissertation proposal (also called a dissertation prospectus). The degree is awarded after completion and defense of the dissertation. Most students need three or four years beyond the master’s degree to complete the doctorate.