Special Requirements

All students must fulfill the General Requirements for graduation. In addition, students in the LBJ School of Public Affairs must be registered in the school either in residence or in absentia the semester the degree is to be awarded and must apply to the dean for the degree no later than the date specified in the official academic calendar. The student must have an official degree audit on file prior to applying for the degree.  

Degree Audit  

An electronic degree audit is created for each student each semester. Students should view the audit through IDA, the University’s Interactive Degree Audit system, on a regular basis. The degree audit tells the student the courses they must take and the requirements they must fulfill to receive the degree.  While the degree audit normally provides an accurate statement of requirements, students are responsible for knowing the requirements for their degree as stated in a catalog under which they are eligible to graduate and for registering so as to fulfill all these requirements. If in doubt about any requirement, students should always speak with an academic advisor prior to registration.  

Applying for Graduation  

Each student seeking a degree from the LBJ School of Public Affairs must meet with an advisor prior to registering for the last semester of the degree program to review their degree audit. Students must also meet with an advisor during the semester in which they intend to graduate for an official degree audit. The degree audit is essential to ensure that the student is on track to meet all the degree requirements given in a catalog under which they are eligible to graduate.   

In the final semester, a candidate for graduation must apply for the degree by the deadline given in the official academic calendar.