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Campus address: Robert Lee Moore Hall (RLM) 8.100, phone (512) 471-7711, fax (512) 471-9038; campus mail code: C1200

Mailing address: The University of Texas at Austin, Department of Mathematics, Attn: Graduate Program, 2515 Speedway C1200, Austin TX 78712-1202

E-mail: gradadv@math.utexas.edu

URL: http://www.ma.utexas.edu/

Facilities for Graduate Work

The Kuehne Physics Mathematics Astronomy Library has a broad range of mathematical literature for study and research. The collection offers access to a wide variety of print-based and electronic research tools, including bibliographic databases and research and teaching journals in all areas of mathematics. The collection of e-journals is extensive. Electronic resources are accessible through the University Libraries website.

The Department of Mathematics computer system is available for use in connection with courses and investigations in both pure and applied mathematics.

Areas of Study

The Department of Mathematics offers a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree and a Master of Arts (MA) degree with a focus in actuarial mathematics.

Note that Master's programs are not offered in other areas of mathematics.

Graduate study in mathematics is offered in the areas of algebra, number theory, analysis, topology, geometry, applied mathematics, probability and statistics, numerical analysis, network and information theory, and actuarial mathematics.

Graduate Studies Committee

The following faculty members served on the Graduate Studies Committee (GSC) in the spring 2024 semester.

Daniel J Allcock
Todd J Arbogast
Chandrajit L Bajaj
William Beckner
David D Ben-Zvi
Lewis P Bowen
Patrick L Brockett
Ashay Burungale
Luis A Caffarelli
Thomas Chen
Mirela Ciperiani
Anthony Jack Georges Conway
Irving Dai
Chiara Damiolini
Jeffrey E Danciger
Matias Gonzalo Delgadino
Bjorn Engquist
Daniel S Freed
Irene M Gamba
Oscar Gonzalez
Cameron M Gordon
Maria Pia Pia Gualdani
Ronny Hadani
Raymond C Heitmann
Arie Israel
Kate Juschenko
Sean M Keel
Joseph David Kileel
Daniel F Knopf
Hans A Koch
John E Luecke
Francesco Maggi
Per-Gunnar J Martinsson
Maggie Hall Miller
Peter Mueller
Stefania Patrizi
Natasa Pavlovic
Samuel Payne
Timothy Perutz
Lisa Piccirillo
Charles L Radin
Lorenzo A Sadun
Bernd Siebert
Mihai Sirbu
Michael P Starbird
Thibaud Olivier Taillefumier
Philip U Treisman
Yen-Hsi Tsai
Alexis F Vasseur
Mikhail M Vishik
Stephen G Walker
Rachel A Ward
Mary F Wheeler
Thaleia Zariphopoulou
Gordan Zitkovic