Changes in Registration

A student may drop a first-year course only with the written approval of the Dean; ordinarily, students are not permitted to drop Law 180S, 280S, or 380S; or Law 180T, 280T, or 380T. In the long session, a student may drop other courses during the first four weeks of the semester without the approval of the Dean, provided that the student remains enrolled for at least 10 semester hours of coursework; in the summer session, the student may drop courses except seminars during the first week of the term without the approval of the Dean.

After the first four weeks of a semester, or the first week of a summer term, courses may be dropped only with the written approval of the Dean.

If a student stops attending class at any time in the semester or summer session, but fails to drop the course officially, then a grade of F is recorded for the course. The course is counted as a course taken and failed when the minimum performance standards are applied, and 1.30 grade points are used in calculating the student's overall average.

The faculty member in charge of a course may, with the consent of the Dean, drop a student from the course for poor daily attendance, performance, or for improper conduct in the classroom. The student is thereafter barred from attending the course and from taking the examination in it.