Payment Plans

A three-payment installment plan is an optional method of payment during the fall and spring semesters only. Tuition payments must be made according to the plan's guidelines. Students who choose this method of payment must click the "Installment Plan Note" link found on My Tuition Bill and make the first payment by the date given in the Academic Calendar. A nonrefundable $15 service charge is required and paid with the first payment. If subsequent payments are not made on time, a late fee of $25 is added to the amount due.

First payment. The Installment Plan Note (found on My Tuition Bill) must be electronically signed before the first payment will be accepted. The first payment is one-half the amount of tuition plus the $15 service charge. However, students who have financial aid posted on their bill will have a lower first installment amount. If applicable, the following charges may also be due with this payment: the international student health insurance program fee, the general property deposit and the late registration fee. The first payment is due by the date given in the Academic Calendar.

Add/drop transactions may increase the total amount the student owes after the first payment has been made. In this case, payment for added classes is due by the date given in the Academic Calendar.

Second and third payments. Each payment is equal to one-quarter of the originally billed tuition, with adjustments for adds, drops, and financial aid. The second payment is due prior to the fifth week of classes; the third, prior to the ninth week. Payment deadlines are given in the Academic Calendar

A student who withdraws from the University after the first four weeks of class is responsible for the full amount of tuition and must continue to make installment payments as scheduled. A student who fails to make full payment on time, including any late fees, is subject to one or more of the following actions, at the University’s option: (1) bar against readmission to the institution; (2) withholding of degree and official transcript; (3) all penalties and actions authorized by law.

Financial aid recipients must apply any aid received to the unpaid balance of the tuition bill at the time the aid check is released.

Specific information about paying the tuition bill is available in each semester’s Course Schedule.