Degree Requirements, History

Graduate handbook information is updated and maintained by each program. Graduate handbooks are available within each program's office and online at https://utexas.box.com/v/UTAustinGraduateHandbooks. Please contact the program with concerns or questions.

Master of Arts

The degree is offered in three options: with thesis, with report, and without thesis or report. The thesis option requires at least 30 semester hours of coursework, including one research seminar; the report option requires at least 33 hours, including two research seminars; and the option without thesis or report requires at least 36 hours, including two research seminars. All options require at least six hours of supporting coursework taken outside the major field of specialization in history; some or all of these six hours may be taken either within or outside the department. With the exception of the major field in United States history, all options require demonstrated competence in a foreign language. Each student’s Program of Work must be approved by the student’s primary advisor and the graduate advisor.

Doctor of Philosophy

The Graduate Program Committee maintains close control over admission to the doctoral program; students are reviewed each year until they enter candidacy, and are approved for continuation only if the committee believes the student will excel in doctoral work.

The doctoral degree student must complete at least 36 hours of graduate work, at least 24 of which must be in history. At least six of the required 24 hours must be in research seminars (or at least three of the 24 hours if the student has written a master’s thesis at the University). The student must also complete a 12-hour supporting field outside the major field of interest in history; some or all of these 12 hours may be taken either within or outside the department. Courses taken at the University for the master’s degree are counted toward the hours required for the doctoral degree. The graduate advisor may also permit transfer of up to 12 hours of graduate credit from another institution.

The student must fulfill the foreign language requirement for the major field as prescribed in the department's Official Guide to Graduate Study in History.

To qualify for admission to candidacy for the doctoral degree, the student must pass both a written and an oral examination in the major field.

The student must meet any other requirements prescribed individually by the Graduate Studies Committee or by the dissertation supervisory committee.