Latin American Studies

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Doctor of Philosophy

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Campus address: Sid Richardson Hall (SRH) 1.301, phone (512) 232-2402, fax (512) 471-3090; campus mail code: D0800

Mailing address: The University of Texas at Austin, Graduate Program, Teresa Lozano Long Institute of Latin American Studies, 2300 Red River Street Stop D0800, Austin TX 78712

URL: http://liberalarts.utexas.edu/llilas/

Email: llilas-graduate-program@utlists.utexas.edu

Facilities for Graduate Work

The Benson Latin American Collection is the most complete library of its kind in the United States, containing more than 800,000 volumes of printed material in addition to manuscripts, maps, newspapers, and microfilms. Of special interest are the 20,000 reels of microfilm copies of archival material sourced in Mexico, Spain, England, and Washington DC. Other campus libraries, including the Perry-Castañeda Library, the Fine Arts Library, the Walter Geology Library, and the Architecture and Planning Library, contain additional Latin American material. Students also have access to a variety of electronic journals, books, and bibliographic tools through the University Libraries website.

About 65 faculty members regularly teach courses dealing with Latin America, and some 150 additional faculty members have Latin American interests in a wide variety of fields.

Areas of Study

Graduate work toward a degree in Latin American studies may be concentrated in any academic area in which courses with Latin American content are offered.

Graduate Studies Committee

The following faculty members served on the Graduate Studies Committee (GSC) in the spring 2023 semester.

Omoniyi Afolabi
Ricardo C Ainslie
Chad Alvarez
Rosental C Alves
Eugenio Yatsuda Arima
Jossianna Arroyo Martinez
Javier Auyero
Sheryl Luzzadder Beach
Charles E Berg
Jason R Borge
Daniel M Brinks
Matthew J Butler
Esther Calzada
Jorge Canizares
David Cannatella
Paola Canova
Luis Ernesto Carcamo-Huechante
Karma Ruth Chavez
Jason Cons
Ronald Covey
Jonathan Crosson
Megan J Crowhurst
Ian W Dalziel
Donna De Cesare
Susan Deans-Smith
Lina Maria Del castillo
Anthony F Di Fiore
Hector Dominguez-Ruvalcaba
William Doolittle
David J Eaton
Zachary S Elkins
Karen Engle
Patience L Epps
George F Flaherty
Kenneth Flamm
Richard R Flores
Daniel G Fridman
Seth W Garfield
Lyndon K Gill
Gloria Gonzalez-Lopez
Edmund T Gordon
Kenneth F Greene
Julia E Guernsey
Lauren E Gulbas
Laura G Gutierrez
Patricia I Hansen
Brian K Horton
Wendy A Hunter
Benjamin Ibarra Sevilla
Orlando R Kelm
Fernando Luiz Lara
Daniel A Law
David L Leal
Lorraine Leu
Leigh L Linden
Naomi E Lindstrom
Raul L Madrid
Leticia Junqueira Marteleto
Kelly McDonough
Martha Menchaca
Sofian Merabet
Juan Miro
Robin D Moore
Marcelo Paixao
Jose L Panero
Gabriela Polit
Megan Margaret Raby
Carlos E Ramos
Enrique R Rodriguez
Nestor P Rodriguez
Sergio Romero
Sonia Roncador
Cesar A Salgado
Roxanne Schroeder-Arce
Sandro Sessarego
Bjorn Ingmunn Sletto
Christen Anne Smith
Kathleen C Stewart
Joseph Straubhaar
David S Stuart
Almeida J Toribio
Rebecca M Torres
Luis Urrieta
Fred Valdez Jr
Maria D Wade
Catherine Elizabeth Weaver
Kurt G Weyland
Jennifer M Wilks
Patricia A Wilson
Anthony C Woodbury
Kenneth R Young
Emilio Zamora
Luis H Zayas

Admission Requirements

The entering master’s degree student must have a bachelor’s degree, with a major in any discipline. Reading and speaking knowledge of Spanish or Portuguese is required.

Students must hold a master’s degree by the time they enter the doctoral program. On rare occasions, admission to the doctoral program may be granted to students without a master's degree; such students are required to earn the master's degree en route to the PhD.