International Business

Technological advances have connected the world’s countries, societies, economies, and individuals in ways that were unimaginable not long ago.  What happens outside U.S. borders is of paramount concern to American businesses and citizens.  This major provides students with detailed knowledge about the global aspects of the U.S economy and specific, functional skills useful to a career in the global economy.

The requirements of this program, which has two tracks, are:

  1. The Core Curriculum requirements and the BBA Degree Requirements
  2. International Business 350 or 350S
  3. International Business 378 (may fulfill the writing, independent inquiry, and global cultures flags)
  4. Three semester hours approved international experience; the choices are either a study abroad program of at least five weeks in length, or an international internship of at least six weeks in length, and at least 160 hours work.
    1. ”Approved” means the experience has been reviewed and approved by the International Business Faculty Advisor or their designate and determined to be of sufficient academic and cultural value to satisfy the degree requirement.
    2. Approval must be obtained prior to travel, and can be requested through the International Business Canvas Community.
    3. Students are encouraged to look first at programs sponsored by UT Austin; other non-UT programs could be considered but may require additional research by the student to provide complete information on the International and Geographic Planner.
  5. The additional requirements of one of the following tracks:
    1. Language Skills track
      1. Six hours from the list of International Business elective courses in #6 below.
      2. Twelve semester hours of coursework in a foreign language associated with the area studies used to fulfill requirement 4.a.4 below. A minimum of six of the 12 required hours must be at the upper-division level.
      3. Nine semester hours of upper-division coursework focused on a specific geographic region.  Examples of acceptable fields of study are Latin American studies; Middle Eastern studies; Asian studies; Russian, East European, and Eurasian studies; and specific countries within western Europe (e.g., France, Spain, Germany and others) or other areas related to the student’s geographic region.  All area coursework must be approved by the international business faculty advisor. 
    2. Global Business Skills track
      1. Twelve hours from the list of International Business elective courses in #6 below.
      2. Additional elective coursework necessary to provide a total of at least 120 semester hours.
  6. International Business Major Elective Courses:
    1. International Business 362, Global Regulatory Strategy,
    2. Business, Government, and Society 374, Global Political Economy 
    3. Finance 376/International Business 376, International Finance,
    4. International Business 365, Finance and Global Business
    5. O M 367/I B 367, ,
    6. International Business 366/Accounting 366C, International Accounting and Transfer Pricing,
    7. International Business 368, Global Value Chains,
    8. International Business 372, any topic,
    9. International Business 340S, any topic.