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I B 376 I B 376. International Finance. 3 Hours.

Same as Finance 376. Restricted to students in a business major. Explore the international financial environment, with emphasis on the factors affecting exchange rates and how exchange rate changes affect the firm. Three lecture hours a week for one semester. Finance 376 and International Business 376 may not both be counted. Prerequisite: Finance 357 or 357H.

Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering


...Career Emphasis B: Biomedical Instrumentation...and Implementation I Electrical Engineering...Biomedical Engineering 376 , Cell Engineering...

Admission and Registration


...Option I. The Option least B- : Mathematics 408C...151 , and 376 . The merchandising...

Bachelor of Science in Textiles and Apparel


...Option Option I: Apparel, Functional...division level b. Quantitative reasoning...355P , 361 , 376 , and 377...

Bachelor of Science in Applied Learning and Development


...core curriculum; (b) prescribed work...fulfill parts I and II...372 , 375C , 376 , 378D , 378E...