Ethnic Studies

The ethnic studies program is administered by the Center for Asian American Studies. The director and executive committee of this center advises students, prescribes groups of courses that fulfill content requirements, and authorizes course substitutions when appropriate. Students majoring in ethnic studies must meet the requirements of the concentration as outlined below.

Ethnic Studies, Asian American Studies concentration


  1. Asian American Studies 301 or 312.
  2. Three semester credit hours, chosen from one of the following: 
    1. Asian American Studies 310 
    2. Asian American Studies 314
  3. Fifteen semester hours, of upper-division coursework in Asian American Studies, divided between at least two of the following tracks (Courses in each track are available at the Center for Asian American Studies):
    1. Culture, Literature, and Media Studies
    2. Economics, History, and Government
    3. Social Sciences
    4. Public Policy
  4. Asian American Studies 377