Human Development and Family Sciences


  1. Mathematics:
    1. Statistics and Data Sciences 302F
    2. Mathematics 408C, 408N, 408R, or Statistics and Data Sciences 324E
  2. Primary science:
    1. Human Development and Family Sciences 304 or 304H313 or 313H113L or 114H, 305 or 306, and 315L
    2. Twelve semester hours of upper-division human development and family sciences (excluding Human Development and Family Sciences 322, 357, 359, 352, 652F, 352L, 652P, 355H, and 355R). Three credit hours of upper-division coursework must include a writing-flag course (no more than three-hours of upper-division coursework can include writing flags).
    3. Six hours chosen from Human Development and Family Sciences 352, 652F, 352L, 652P, 359 and 355R or 355H. Registration for Human Development and Family Sciences 352 , 652F, 352L, 652P, 359 and 355R  or 355H is restricted to students whose practicum applications have been approved.  Applications, as well as application deadlines, are available online and through the practicum coordinator.
    4.  Six hours from the School of Human Ecology: Human Ecology 101P, 102P, 103P and Nutrition 306 or Public Health 317.
  3. Secondary science:
    1. Chemistry 301 or 301C
    2. Biology 311C
    3. One of the following courses: Biology 311D, Chemistry 302, or 302C

Psychology 304, 333D, and 339 may not count toward the Bachelor of Science and Arts, with a major in Human Development and Family Sciences.