Twenty-eight semester hours of psychology, at least 19 of which must be upper-division, including Psychology 301 and 420M with a grade of at least C in each. No more than six hours of lower-division psychology may be taken beyond Psychology 301 and no less than 15 hours of upper-division beyond Psychology 420M. Students may take courses from a variety of areas within the field of psychology, including clinical psychology, cognition, developmental psychology, evolutionary psychology, language, neuroscience, perception, and social psychology.

Psychology 420M and at least six hours of upper-division coursework must be completed in residence at the University. Psychology majors must earn a grade of at least C in Psychology 420M to register for upper-division psychology courses. Students may not enroll in Psychology 420M more than twice.

Psychology 357 and 359 are offered on the pass/fail basis only; they may not be counted toward the 28 hours in psychology required for the major.

No student may register for more than 10 semester hours of psychology in any one semester without approval of an undergraduate advisor in the Department of Psychology.