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PSY 359 PSY 359. Selected Topics: Readings: Tutorial. 3 Hours.

Supervised reading in selected topics of significance; area of intensive study is chosen by the student in consultation with the instructor. Individual instruction. May not be counted toward a major in psychology. May be repeated for credit. Offered on the pass/fail basis only. Prerequisite: Upper-division standing, Psychology 301 with a grade of at least C, and consent of instructor.




Twenty-eight semester hours of psychology, at least 19 of which must be upper-division, including Psychology 301 ,  317L and 420M with a grade of at least C in each. (Students with credit for Psychology 317 must complete  Psychology 120R with a grade of at least C prior to advancing to  Psychology 420M ).  No more that three hours of lower-division psychology may be taken in addition to  Psychology 301  and  317L , and no less than 15 hours of upper-division beyond Psychology 420M . Also included in these 28 hours must be at least three hours in each of the following three areas.