Vick Advising Excellence Center

The James W. Vick Advising Excellence Center supports and elevates the advising community at The University of Texas at Austin by working to ensure all advisors have the training, tools, and resources they need to best support their students.

The Vick Advising Excellence Center partners with the Academic Counselors Association (ACA) in developing advisor training and professional development opportunities, explores innovative tools to support advising, gathers data to support advising needs, and researches and shares best practices to empower all advisors on campus. The Vick Center also serves as a conduit between the advising community and university leadership to elevate issues and champion ideas for the betterment of advisors.

The Vick Center also provides advising to undergraduates in all colleges and schools related to
major exploration, internal transfer planning, the Core Curriculum, and the Skills and
Experience Flags.