Academic Policies and Procedures

Repetition of a Course

A student pursuing a Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA) may not enroll in any course in the McCombs School of Business more than twice, even if the course is needed to meet degree requirements, without first obtaining consent of his or her academic adviser in the BBA Program Office. Enrolling in a course more than three times requires approval from the dean. The symbol Q or W counts as an enrollment.

To request to enroll in a course for a third time or beyond a student must submit an online petition. Supporting documentation may be required.

The official grade in a course is the last one made; however, if a student repeats a course and has two or more grades, all grades and all semester hours are used to calculate the University grade point average and to determine the student’s scholastic eligibility to remain in the University and his or her academic standing in the McCombs School of Business.

A student may not repeat for credit or grade points any course in which he or she has earned a grade of C- or higher (or the symbol CR, if the course was taken on the pass/fail basis).

Applicability of Certain Courses

Physical Activity Courses

Physical activity (PED) courses are offered by the Department of Kinesiology and Health Education. They may not be counted toward the Bachelor of Business Administration degree. However, they are counted among courses for which the student is enrolled, and the grades are included in the grade point average.

ROTC Courses

No more than 12 semester hours of air force science, military science, or naval science coursework may be counted toward the Bachelor of Business Administration degree. ROTC courses may be used only as nonbusiness or free electives and may be counted toward the degree only by students who complete the third and fourth years of the ROTC program and accept a commission in the service.

Courses Taken on the Pass/Fail Basis

A business student may count toward the degree up to four one-semester courses in elective subjects outside the major taken on the pass/fail basis; only free electives (any level/subject), nonbusiness electives, and upper-division nonbusiness electives may be taken on the pass/fail basis. Business courses taken on the pass/fail basis cannot be counted toward the major, unless they are offered only on the pass/fail basis. Credit earned by examination is not counted toward the total number of courses that the student may take pass/fail.

Complete rules on registration on the pass/fail basis are given in General Information.

University Extension Self-Paced and Semester-Based Courses

Students planning to take self-paced or semester-based University Extension courses should consult with the BBA Program Office before doing so to ensure compliance with the following restrictions:

  1. Credit that an in-residence University student earns simultaneously through University Extension or similar means from another institution should be discussed in advance with the student's academic adviser to determine business degree applicability.
  2. A student may not be enrolled concurrently for courses from University Extension or another institution during his or her last semester without jeopardizing graduation eligibility.
  3. With regard to registration on the pass/fail basis, extension courses are subject to the same restrictions as courses taken in residence; these restrictions are given in the section Courses Taken on the Pass/Fail Basis.

Concurrent Enrollment

To ensure degree applicability, students are urged to consult with their academic adviser before registering concurrently at another institution, either for resident coursework or for a distance education course, and before enrolling in University Extension self-paced or semester-based coursework. A student may not be enrolled concurrently during his or her last semester in any course to be counted toward the degree without jeopardizing graduation eligibility.


University Honors

The designation University Honors, awarded at the end of each long-session semester, gives official recognition and commendation to students whose grades for the semester indicate distinguished academic accomplishment. Both the quality and the quantity of work done are considered. Criteria for University Honors are given in General Information.

Graduation with University Honors

Students who, upon graduation, have demonstrated outstanding academic achievement are eligible to graduate with University Honors. Criteria for graduation with University Honors are given in General InformationHistorical honors information for the McCombs School of Business BBA Program can be found on the college website.

School Honors Program

The Business Honors Program is available to outstanding students who have distinguished themselves inside the classroom and out by superior performance during high school or in their first year at the University. The program is described in Business Honors Program.