Suggested Arrangement of Courses, Pharmacy (PharmD), Preprofessional and Professional Coursework

The following courses are required. The course sequence given here shows the usual order in which courses are taken to fulfill prerequisite requirements and illustrates the feasibility of completing requirements for the degree within six calendar years. Students who depart significantly from this sequence may need more time to complete their coursework, because most courses are taught only once a year and because in a given semester the scheduled meeting time of a preprofessional or professional course may conflict with the times of core courses or professional electives.

First Preprofessional Year
First TermHoursSecond TermHours 
BIO 311C3U.S. history3 
CH 3013Social and behavioral sciences core course3 
M 408K or 408N4BIO 311D3 
RHE 3063SDS 3013 
UGS 302 or 30313CH 2042 
 CH 3023 
 16 17
Second Preprofessional Year
First TermHoursSecond TermHours 
CH 320M3MBS 226L2 
PHY 302K3U.S. and Texas government3 
PHY 102M1U.S. history3 
U.S. and Texas government3Visual and performing arts core course3 
Anatomy, Physiology, or Anatomy/Physiology3CH 220C2 
Humanities core course3CH 320N3 
 MBS 326R3 
 16 19
First Professional Year
First TermHoursSecond TermHours 
PHM 381M3PHM 283L2 
PHM 387M3PHM 281N2 
PHM 180K1PHM 388M3 
PHM 180P1PHM 188P1 
PHM 287N2PHM 480D4 
PHM 480C4PHM 1801 
PHM 184M1PHM 185N1 
PHM 187F1PHM 187G1 
PHM 181V1PHM 182V1 
PHM 181S1PHM 181T1 
PHM 191U1PHM 191V1 
 19 18
Second Professional Year
First TermHoursSecond TermHoursSummer TermHours
PHM 282E2PHM 390N3PHM 383I3
PHM 295Q2PHM 282F2 
PHM 384L3PHM 182I1 
PHM 1811PHM 186Q1 
PHM 1821PHM 1841 
PHM 3833PHM 1851 
PHM 183V1PHM 4864 
PHM 182S1PHM 184V1 
PHM 192U1PHM 182T1 
Professional Elective(s)3PHM 192V1 
 Professional Elective(s)2 
 18 18 3
Third Professional Year
First TermHoursSecond TermHours 
PHM 183F1PHM 384E3 
PHM 183G1PHM 393F3 
PHM 295R2PHM 2912 
PHM 1871PHM 2922 
PHM 2882PHM 1931 
PHM 1891PHM 186V1 
PHM 1901PHM 183T1 
PHM 284I2PHM 193V1 
PHM 185I1Professional Elective(s)3 
PHM 185V1  
PHM 183S1  
PHM 193U1  
Professional elective(s)3  
 18 17
Fourth Professional Year
First TermHoursSecond TermHoursSummer TermHours
PHM 693E6PHM 693S6PHM 693C6
PHM 693N6PHM 694C6 
PHM 693P6PHM 694E6 
 Note: The order in which students take the fourth-year internships is at the discretion of the College of Pharmacy.  
 18 18 6
Total credit hours: 221

 Students should consider enrolling in a First-Year Signature Course that also satisfies the global cultures flag requirement.