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PHM 693N PHM 693N. Advanced Hospital Pharmacy Practice. 6 Hours.

Analysis of pharmacotherapy, evaluation of drug use, synthesis of rational drug regimens, and dispensing of medications in the context of institutional patient care. Forty laboratory hours a week for at least six weeks, with additional hours to be arranged. Pharmacy 693N and Pharmacy PharmD 693N may not both be counted. Offered on the pass/fail basis only. Prerequisite: Current intern registration with the Texas State Board of Pharmacy and completion of all didactic and laboratory coursework prior to the fourth professional year in the College of Pharmacy; during the fall and spring semesters, concurrent enrollment in two of the following: Pharmacy PharmD 693C (or Pharmacy 693C), 693P (or Pharmacy 693P), 693S (or Pharmacy 693S), 694C (or Pharmacy 694C), 694E (or Pharmacy 694E), 694S (or Pharmacy 694S), or 695E (or Pharmacy 695E).