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ECO 304L ECO 304L. Introduction to Macroeconomics. 3 Hours.

Analysis of the economy as a whole. Measurement of output, the price level, and employment. Basic theories of the determination of Gross domestic product, investment and growth, and inflation. Introduction to fiscal policy and monetary policy. Three lecture hours a week for one semester, with additional hours to be arranged. Prerequisite: Economics 304K with a grade of at least C-.

Bachelor of Science in Economics


The Bachelor of Science in Economics is an alternative to the Bachelor of Arts, designed to include a more extensive natural science curriculum that better prepares students for employment in technical and research jobs, and for graduate study in economics and related disciplines.  Students interested in areas of economics that heavily utilize mathematics, statistics, data science, and computation have the opportunity to develop breadth and depth in fields that complement their areas of interest within economics.  To accomplish this goal, the curriculum for the Bachelor of Science in Economics incorporates substantial emphasis on mathematics, statistics, and computer science courses.

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