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ECO 421K ECO 421K. Microeconomic Theory For Business. 4 Hours.

Restricted to business majors. May not count toward a major in economics. Microeconomic analysis and applications for business majors. Preferences, including behavioral factors. Consumer demand, industry supply, and market equilibrium. Decision-making under uncertainty. Information problems, moral hazard, and adverse selection. Game theory and behavioral game theory. Applications include insurance markets, financial markets, contracts, and strategic behavior in business settings. Four lecture hours a week for one semester. Only one of the following may be counted: Economics 420K, 420S, 421K, Finance 321K. Prerequisite: Economics 304K and 304L with a grade of at least C- in each; Economics 329 with a grade of at least C; Mathematics 408Q, or Mathematics 408K and 408L, or 408C and 408D, or 408C and 408L, or 408N and 408S, or 408K and 408S, or 408C and 408S, or 408L and 408R, or 408R and 408S, or 408L and 408N, with a grade of at least C- in each .