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O M 334M O M 334M. Healthcare Operations Management. 3 Hours.

Overview of healthcare operations management. Focus on process diagramming, vocabulary, and analysis of effects of variability on healthcare operations in terms of increasing waiting lines, inventory, and patient safety issues. Focus on modern process improvement methodologies. Three lecture hours a week for one semester. Only one of the following may be counted: Operations Management 334M, 335, 335H, and 337 (Topic: Healthcare Operations). Offered on the letter-grade basis only. Prerequisite: Upper-division standing, and credit or registration for one of the following: Advertising 309R, 344K, Biomedical Engineering 335, Economics 329, Educational Psychology 371, Mathematics 316, 358K, Statistics 301, 301H, 309, 309H, Statistics and Data Sciences 301, 302, 302F, 304, 306, 320E, 320H, 325H, 328M.