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College of Fine Arts



The College of Fine Arts educates artists, scholars, designers, and art educators within a context that emphasizes artistic excellence, advanced technology, cultural diversity and best professional practices.  The college places high priority on research and the creation of new work through its many programs and degrees offered by the Butler School of Music, the Department of Art and Art History, the Department of Theatre and Dance, and the School of Design and Creative Technologies.

Women’s and Gender Studies



Thirty semester hours of coursework in women’s and gender studies, 18 hours of which must be upper-division. It is recommended that six semester hours be taken in women’s and gender studies courses originating from outside the College of Liberal Arts. The 30 required semester hours must include the following:

European Studies



Students select one of three tracks: (I) European studies with a focus on pre-1700 Europe, (II) European studies with a focus on post-1700 Europe, or (III) European studies with a focus on European thought. The tracks are interdisciplinary in nature and draw on courses in many departments and allow students considerable opportunity to shape their coursework around their interests.

French Studies



French 320E ,  322E Six hours of French courses chosen from French 325C , Crisis and Conflict ; French 325D , Self and Society ; and French 325E , Representing Difference . No more than six hours chosen from item 2 may be counted for the major. No more than three hours from item 2 may be counted for the major for students with credit for either French 326K , Introduction to French Literature I: From the Middle Ages through the Eighteenth Century ; or French 326L , Introduction to French Literature II: From the French Revolution to the Present . Students with credit for French 326K and 326L may not count the courses in item 2 toward the major. Six hours of French courses numbered  350  or above Six hours of additional French upper-division. Up to three hours of French Civilization may be counted for three hours of additional French upper-division. Up to three hours of Liberal Arts 320 may be counted for three hours of additional French upper-division. 




Undergraduates seeking a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in mathematics must choose either the standard option or the middle grades or secondary school teaching option.

Human Dimensions of Organizations



Thirty semester hours of human dimensions of organizations, at least 18 of which must be upper-division, including:

Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures



...Admission Requirements Master of Arts Doctor of Philosophy...consists of more than 350 linear feet of...

Middle Eastern Studies



...Graduate Studies Committee Admission Requirements Master of Arts...consists of more than 350 linear feet of...

Buildings and Grounds

General Information


...the Department of Art and Art History AT...now covers more than 350 acres. Also part...

Tuition Tables

General Information


...Engineering Fine Arts Geosciences Information Liberal Arts Natural...6,993 3 4,350 5,107 5...

Core Curriculum

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...and Ideas 350 , 351 > Design 308 > English 310F , 310S , 321P , 379P > Fine Arts 308 , 313C...

Bachelor of Science in Biology



...Arts and/or the College of Fine Arts...326R , 328 , 331L , 344 , 350 , 349L , 350M , 366R...

Bachelor of Science in Chemistry



...Arts and/or the College of Fine Arts...Chemical Engineering 253K , 253M , 350 ; Biomedical Engineering 311...

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics



...and Arts and the Bachelor of Arts degrees...or UTeach-Natural Sciences 350 c. Curriculum and...

General Information



...in state-of-the-art academic and health...the office provides about 350 contact hours of...

Bachelor of Science in Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences



...Hearing Sciences 350 Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences 358 Visual and Performing Arts Core Upper...

Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience



...Arts and/or the College of Fine Arts...or 325H , 320 , 344 , 350 , and 370 Chemistry...

Bachelor of Science in Physics



...Arts and/or the College of Fine Arts...or UTeach-Natural Sciences 350 Curriculum and Instruction...

Graduate Study



...campus of more than 350 acres, with more...the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. The...

Bachelor of Science in Advertising



...318J ; 325 ; 344K ; 345J ; 350 , 650 , or 468L...Core Visual and Performing Arts Core Science and...

Bachelor of Science in Public Relations



...Relations 305 , 309 , 348 , 350 or 650 , 352...requirement) Visual and Performing Arts Core Science and...

Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering



...all colleges by Liberal Arts Career Services in...Biomedical Optics Biomedical Engineering 350 , Computational Methods for...

Bachelor of Science in Textiles and Apparel



...350 ; African and African Diaspora Studies 302M , 350...TXA students study the art of design, the...

Bachelor of Science in Communication and Leadership



...315O , 330 , 330R , 345R , 350 , 350C , 350G , 350M...316P Visual and Performing Arts Core Upper-division...

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering



...and visual and performing arts requirements of the...and Management Environmental Engineering 350 , Environmental Chemistry for...

ART 350 ART 350. Philosophy, Theory, and Criticism. 3 Hours.

Restricted to studio art and art education majors and to students pursuing the studio art minor. Advanced exploration of philosophy, theory, and criticism from a studio art perspective. Three lecture hours a week for one semester. Offered on the letter-grade basis only. Prerequisite: Studio Art 311C, 312C, 313C, and 314C with a grade of at least C in each (or two of the following three courses with a grade of at least C in each: Studio Art 301C, 302C, 303C).

F A 350 F A 350. Special Topics in the Fine Arts. 3 Hours.

Special interdisciplinary studies within the fine arts or including the fine arts and other areas. For each semester hour of credit earned, the equivalent of one class hour a week for one semester. May be repeated for credit when the topics vary.

LAH 350 LAH 350. Topics in the Liberal Arts. 3 Hours.

Restricted to Plan I majors in the College of Liberal Arts. Intensive lecture course treating topics from a variety of disciplinary perspectives, taught by instructors from various departments. Lectures, readings, discussions, examinations. Three lecture hours a week for one semester. May be repeated for credit when the topics vary. Prerequisite: Upper-division standing and a grade point average of at least 3.50.