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ART 352E ART 352E. Figure Drawing for Nonmajors. 3 Hours.

Restricted to non-department of art and art history majors. Exploration of the human figure in selected media. Six laboratory hours a week for one semester. May be taken twice for credit. May be repeated for credit. Offered on the letter-grade basis only.

Religious Studies


Description: This track is designed to give students a comprehensive training in the discipline of Religious Studies. It is intended for students who would plan to pursue career options in Religious Studies, including graduate programs in the study of religion and/or in a theological or seminary setting.

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science


...Arts and/or the College of Fine Arts...351 , 375 , Marine Science 352E , 355E or 356...

Bachelor of Science in Biology


...Arts and/or the College of Fine Arts...Oceanography ), 352 , 352C , 352D , 352E , 152L , 152S , 252S...

Bachelor of Science in Communication and Leadership


...350C , 350G , 350M , 351U , 352E , 360 , 360D , 360I...316P Visual and Performing Arts Core Upper-division...

Bachelor of Science in Textiles and Apparel


...TXA students study the art of design, the...342E , 350D , 351D , 351R , 352E , 353D , 360L , 361T...

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