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T D 301 T D 301. Introduction to Theatre. 3 Hours.

Open to all University students except majors in the Department of Theatre and Dance. A study of theatrical texts and practices of the past and present. Three lecture hours a week for one semester; attendance at all major productions of the department is required.

Chapter 6. Student Organizations

General Information

...Sec. 6-301. Recognition and...the University. d. Sponsored student...disciplinary reasons. t. Retaliation - Retaliation...

Chapter 13. Speech, Expression, and Assembly

General Information

...Sec. 13-301. Disruption Sec...buttons, and T-shirts, are...c) or (d). If the...

Appendix A: Texas Common Course Numbering System


...T D 114P 3 DRAM 1121 T D 114P 3 DRAM 1310 T D 301...