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ANS 379 ANS 379. Capstone Seminars in Asian Studies. 3 Hours.

Three lecture hours a week for one semester; additional hours may be required for some topics. May be repeated for credit when the topics vary. Prerequisite: For Asian studies majors, twelve semester hours of upper-division coursework in Asian studies; for others, upper-division standing.

Asian Studies



Twenty-four semester hours of Asian studies coursework, at least 18 of which must be upper-division, in one of the two areas of specialization listed below. Students specializing in East Asia must choose either the general track or the Taiwan track. No more than six hours of internship coursework may be counted toward the major. Courses counted toward the foreign language requirement may not also be counted toward the major unless otherwise noted. A list of courses that fulfill the requirements of the areas of specialization is available in the Department of Asian Studies.

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